The production process

This wine is made using a “garagiste method”, which means it undergoes a carefully crafted production process.  It is made with Tempranillo grapes from vineyards in the Baños de Ebro (Álava).

Harvesting is carried out by hand in 12kg crates, stacking the grape clusters in two layers only, in order to preserve the natural conditions of the grapes.  The vines have been previously pruned to obtain 2 or 3 clusters of grapes per vine.

In the winery, we have carried out stirring and pumping-over operations each day.  When the process was over, having used the very best throughout, we produced only 1,000 bottles.

To ensure that only the best grapes at perfect maturity were used, we carried out two inspections on a sorting table. The wine was fermented for 23 days at a temperature of  27 °C in stainless steel vats, with a proportion going into 500 L barrels.

Malolactic fermentation in barrel: the wine underwent 12-month barrel ageing in 500 and 225 L barrels. Alcohol content is 14°.

Rioja 2010: An excellent vintage

Emotion: Illusion is a wine from the 2010 vintage rated as "excellent" in the Regulatory Board's technical report.  This assessment  was due to the good weather conditions and low production yields.

Although we have skipped other vintages as the weather patterns were not to our liking, the 2010 offers extraordinary quality wines and it has become one of the most important harvests in Rioja in recent years. We are therefore naturally proud of our work.


With this image we are seeking to convey our passion for wine through a red-coloured cluster of grapes which almost appears to be in 3D.  We think that the image could also be confused with a rose or another flower. Some people even see the image as representing the strength of the heart.  Each person views the world differently and fortunately, we all have different interpretations.

estuches bodegas emotion

Sold in individual cases, as shown in the photo.

viñedo bodegas emotion

A photo of one of our old vines, which we have accustomed to no longer requiring any chemical treatments. We only apply copper sulfate.